Cold Cobbles, Gothic Architecture, Boutique Shops and Little Lanes...

Here at Merchant House hotel, we love spending time in our great little city of Truro and we think it’s a fantastic place for a city break!

Our historic city of Truro was once labelled the ‘London of Cornwall’ and it’s grown into a truly unique location. Not only is it the only city in Cornwall, it’s also a great mix of culture, arts and cosmopolitan life. Truro has bags of character with cobbles covering every available surface and open water leats running throughout the city, which were used in the Victorian era for street cleansing and drinking water for horses. There are plenty of side lanes to wander down while you take in shop window displays or perhaps enjoy hot creamy lattes in cafes.

There’s a magnitude of rich history to unearth throughout Truro—whether you’re exploring the gothic revival cathedral, researching Poldark history, strolling through the Royal Cornwall Museum, or are keen to learn about the influential people throughout history that have hailed from Truro – there are plenty of things to explore and discover!

Truro also has a whole host of speciality boutiques and shops as well as some of the larger chain stores too. So if you want unique Cornish souvenirs to mark your city break, a piece of art from a local artist to hang at home, or just want to browse the bestsellers in Waterstones to get a book for the train home, Truro’s got it all!

There are also lots of delicious local bars and restaurants located just a very short walk from Merchant House hotel and so you’ll have plenty of choice when it comes to dining in Truro!