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Tough Mudder – An Interview with Nicky

This month Merchant House hotel owner, Nicky, tells us all about her upcoming Tough Mudder challenge!
Hi Nicky! We’ve heard you’re training for Tough Mudder, how’s it going?

Training is going really well and we are out every other day either walking or jogging! Although, we’ll need to hit the gym soon enough to strengthen our arms to be as fit as we can be.

Tell us a little bit about the event itself, where it’s held etc.? 

The event is being held at Cirencester on August 20th and is quite a challenge! There’s a combination of steep grassy hills, forest area and mud that’s like quicksand to really put your body to the test! It’s a team challenge so you really need a strong unit of people to help you get through the course.

Sounds like it’s going to be quite an adventure! What’s made you want to take part?

Every year I try and take on a new challenge, this year Tough Mudder was the perfect choice as I’m always keen to step out of my comfort zone.

Have you set yourself any goals you’d like to achieve? 

By the time we reach August, I’d like to be able to jog 10 miles.

We believe in you Nicky! What sort of kit do you plan to wear for the event? 

I’ll be wearing my black running kit with a bright orange Tough Mudder t-shirt, trainers, and a huge smile ready to take on the challenge!

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