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The Best Autumn Cornwall Walks

As the leaves fall, we get the irresistible urge to go for blustery walks and hear that satisfying crunch beneath our feet. So we’re here to suggest some of our favourite walks for the autumn, starting with Tehidy Country Park.

Tehidy stretches across 250 acres of woodlands, making it the largest woodland area in West Cornwall. You can spend time in the quiet of the peaceful woods enjoying over 9 miles of paths, which trail around lakes, a café and picnic area.

Formerly, the great manor of Tehidy belonged to the Basset family, which have been associated with the land since the 11th century. As the Bassets became more successful in their copper mining profits, they began construction on the grand mansion in 1734.

It was an iconic part of Cornwall’s wealthy social scene with many dinners and dances taking place there. Tehidy was also the setting for great design discussions by some of the key players in the industry that have had a worldwide impact, such as Trevithic, Woolf and Hornblower.

Furthermore, when French and Spanish fleets anchored off Plymouth and caught the city off-guard, the owner of Tehidy shot to fame. Francis Basset marched all of his Cornish miners to Plymouth in order to fortify the marine. As a result, Francis Basset received peerage as Baron du Dunstanville and following his death in 1835 a monument was built at Carn Brea to remember and honour him.

There are free car parks at Tehidy and five access points to the woodland. So what are you waiting for? Take a step into history, have an adventure and get your walking boots on!