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Put your fresh foot forward: Merchant House’s tips for wonderful walking gear


Lacing, zipping and pulling on walking gear that’s past its prime isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, so we’ve put our adventurers heads together to give you five tips on how to keep your hiking gear great!

Yesterday’s chips

Old news is good for two things: yesterday’s chips and soggy walking boots. Stuff your soles with newspaper after a drizzly dawdle and let the classifieds soak everything up!

Avoid detergent disaster

For particularly mucky kit that needs a good old wash, don’t use fabric conditioners or softeners as these may damage technical (and expensive) fabrics.

Everyday soap powder or non-bio works wonders, and if you must tumble dry please use a low temperature!

Rinse and spin at 30 to win

They may be waterproofs, but they certainly feel better when they’re clean. Wash and rinse at 30 degrees to avoid any costly damage to your faithful hooded friend.

Zip up

On that note, fasten any zips or pockets as best you can to avoid unnecessary wear and tear, especially if it’s where you keep your keys; they’re the last thing you want to go walkabouts!

The (water) proof is in the pudding

You’ll need some outside help on this one, but by investing in a decent waterproofing solution (check manufacturers guidelines) your rain-repellent gear will last and perform so, so much better.


By heeding our advice for amblers, not only will your gear look and feel better, any unpleasant odours will be left by the wayside with the only hint of cheese being the huge grin on your face!

Walkers are always more than welcome at Merchant House, so lace up and please come and visit!