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Our New Year Promise

Happy 2014 everyone!  We hope you had a great Christmas full of love and cheer.  Here at the Merchant we’ve been talking about our New Years resolutions and the promises we’re making to ourselves. Here is what we’ve decided (and now we’ve written it down and made it public, we have to do it don’t we?!)

Nicky: In 2014 I’m going to book a trek to climb another mountain!

Neil: My New Year resolution is to have more fun (we like this one!)

Steph: I am going to get fitter in 2014

Dave: My aim in 2014 is to run 2km in under 8 minutes (goodness!)

Emma: My plan for 2014 is to increase my time-keeping (ha! This is classic!)

Lynne: My promise to myself for this year is to buy a new car

Spencer: For 2014 I’m going to study hard

Shelley: My New Year resolution is to eat healthy

Annie: In 2014 I’m going to save money!

Norbert: For the coming year I will keep family happy and achieve personal goals

And our favourites… Phil and Sharon who both said their New Year resolution for 2014 is to be happy.

It has been proven that writing your goal down helps you to commit to it and make it actually happen so it goes from being a drunken resolution during a shaky rendition of Auld Lang Syne to actually being a promise you stick to. We’ll let you know at the end of the year how we get on!

But our most important promise this year is to continue to be the best we can be for our hotel guests.  Our refurbishment is continuing during 2014 with further bedrooms being updated and renovated, we’ll be investing in marketing and really improving our offering for our guests.  This is the Merchant House New Year resolution and you can hold us to that one!

What is your promise this year? Let us know on our Facebook page here.