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Our Favourite Day Out with the Hound in August – The Lost Gardens of Heligan

If you’re bringing your dog on your travels with you to Cornwall, you may be planning some happy days out with them. Why not try our favourite place to take our best friend in August— the Lost Gardens of Heligan.

As long as they’re on a lead, you’re able to take your pooch with you for a wander around the estate. There’s so much to explore at Heligan, you can be sure you and Fido are in for a good day! Why not venture to the Horsemoor Hide centre located in the heart of the Wider Estate.

Here you’ll be able to watch both live and recorded footage of wildlife interaction without disturbing the creatures. Heligan aims to encourage wildlife growth and you’ll be able to observe a range of insects, amphibians, bats and birds, including some of the venues popular barn owls.

If you’re more interested in horticulture, the Heligan Jungle should be an adventurous gardeners dream. There’s a raised walkway stretching across the ponds allowing you to wander around the warmer microclimate, taking in giant rhubarb, banana plantations and bamboo forests.

If the Jungle gets too warm, the Northern Gardens are slightly cooler (by around 5°C) for you and Fido. Take a look around the award winning Victorian restoration where over 200 fruits, vegetables, salads and herbs are grown.

Try out some of the produce at the Heligan Kitchen and Bakery before heading back for a relaxing evening with a tuckered out pooch. You can choose from summer salads and barbeques to eat in the picnic area as well as some seasonal dishes, all served between 12:00 and 2:30. If you’re impressed, grab a fresh loaf of bread or some other treats for you and your dog to share back at Merchant House in the comfort of our cosy lounge.