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New Year’s Resolutions for You and Your Dog from Merchant House!

Here at Merchant House hotel in Truro we’re always keen to turn a new leaf and try new things! So this year we’re suggesting our top five New Year’s resolutions for you and your dog to make the most of 2016 together!

Make Some Homemade Treats

Homemade doggy treats are a great way to show Fido you care. Take a look at our peanut butter and bacon biscuits from last month’s blog. The great thing about making your own treats for your hound is you know exactly what’s going into everything he’s eating!

Make More Time for Playtime

Playtime is a big part of your dog’s life; so whether it’s out playing with a Frisbee on the grass or indoors with a game, make more time to play! Playtime has lots of benefits and can keep your hound stimulated so they’re less likely to become bored which can lead to destructive behaviour.

Here at Merchant House hotel, we really like the Nina Ottosson Dog Brick. Just hide treats in the cleverly designed puzzle and watch Fido move sections of the Dog Brick with his nose and paw to get the treats! It keeps our own Merchant House hound Murphy entertained for hours and his tail wags every time we open the cupboard it’s stored in!

Explore a New Beach

There are plenty of dog friendly beaches in beautiful Cornwall, especially before Easter. So why not seek out some new sands for you both to adventure across? Get the heartbeat going with a brisk stroll across golden shores and watch Fido enjoy paddling in the water.

Learn a New Trick

We don’t believe you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, so why not prove them all wrong! Murphy loves to learn something new, so we’re always keen to keep him entertained with a new trick or two. There are plenty of fun ones to learn and the concentration involved can really get Fido thinking!

Be More Social

Dog walking can be an extremely social event, whether you know people at a regular haunt or just say hello to passing dog owners. Why not make 2016 a year of socialising and join group dog walks where a selection of dog lovers will meet up for a fun outing.