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30th April saw Merchant House hold our first ever networking event, and boy was it a cracker!


We had several local businesses and companies rub shoulders whilst having a nose round our conference spaces, and of course enjoying the free Wi-Fi that floats through our building!


We put on an enormous spread (as you know, we don’t do things by halves), to make sure everyone had had their fill as they checked out the Trading and Shipping Room facilities with a copy of our brand new ‘Little Guide to Conferences’ in hand.


A resounding success – after all, there’s no working like networking!


Looking to book a conference with us? Half day, full day, breakfast options, evening options (Chinese or Indian take-away optional) or simply somewhere to camp out for the day with fresh coffee and cake, to hold professional meetings, conduct interviews or simply get out of the office! Come to the Merchant, we’re the business!