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Murphy’s Day Out – Gunwalloe Church Cove

Merchant House hotel hound Murphy likes to explore Cornwall’s countryside at every opportunity, and so this month we took him to Gunwalloe Church Cove. There’s nothing better than a refreshing walk somewhere quiet to renew the soul and inspire a sense of adventure and so we picked this beautiful coastal spot. 

Murphy loves being at one with the elements and as Church Cove is so open, we enjoyed a blustery walk along the rugged cliff tops. But Murphy’s favourite part of the walk was the beach! His fur ruffled, styled by the blustery sea breeze and his ears flapped as he excitedly bounded around on the squishy sand. The sea salty air filled our lungs and the cold bit our cheeks, but we were adventurers and were ready to explore the sands!

We were lucky enough to have the sun shining down on the water creating beautiful sparkling waves, and Murphy couldn’t keep his furry paws dry for long once he’d spied the ocean! He ran straight into the waves crashing against the shore and drenched himself in salty sea droplets.

Gunwalloe is stunning on a beautiful day, it’s southwest facing and in an extremely open spot on the Lizard. There’s a stream that courses through the sand, which makes it perfect for a little paddle (if you’re brave enough!). We didn’t bump into anyone else on our visit and so we were able to enjoy having the beautiful beach to ourselves making it a really peaceful walk surrounded by great scenery.

Murph and I then headed up to the little church set into the side of the headland where we were able to take in some last sea views before heading back to the car!

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