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Mini umbrellas for girls and fellas

Waiter! Waiter! I’ve been in meetings all day, bring me something strong!

At the end of a hard day doing business, our guess is you’re gasping for something to take the edge off, so we’ve done a roundup of the best places to clasp your hands around a cocktail or two!

(Psst. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a jolly out in the town – you deserve it we’re sure!)


Our sister hotel Mannings brings a debonair touch to cocktails with pre-dinner, sparkling, classic, Martini and house menus. (Ooh la la!)

Plymouth Gin classics sit alongside Apricot Jacks, Gingerbread Creams and the occasional pineapple and lychee daiquiri; deliciously delivering the Mannings mantra of ‘classic modernity’.

For those who prefer their concoctions on the lighter side; a ‘nojito’ or pink lemonade means you don’t miss out on any of the fun!



Tweet tweet!

The Nightjar’s here, and I’ve got to say they’ve got the most entertaining menu we’ve seen in a long time!

English Rose, Easy Lover, Hemingway Daiquiri. The Nightjar love their music and literature, and you’ll find references throughout their menu of handcrafted and signature sips.

As well as a classic bartender’s and non-alcoholic selections, they even offer a life-saving ‘morning after’ menu, for those feeling a little delicate! Cracking idea.


The Old Grammar School

A minimal website means you’ll have to visit The Old Grammar School (or TOGS) in person to experience their ever-evolving augmentations of classic and contemporary cocktails.

TOGS like people to savour their drinks; Black Russian, the White Lady and ever-popular Apple Crumble Martini are house specials, so pop in for a lesson or two!



A self-confessed ‘party house’, Vertigo’s bar and ‘garden of earthly delights’ are sure to keep you occupied whilst having a fruity glass of something spicy!

A compact cocktail menu with classics such as mojito, Collins, daiquiri and bellini means that you can focus on having a good old fashioned knees-up with a timeless tipple at your fingertips!


Mustard & Rye – Speakeasy

You may have seen our previous Mustard and Rye blog, where we sang the praises for their U S of A food from the rooftops, but they’ve got another trick up their sleeve, oh yes!

Their ‘speakeasy’ serves old-school cocktails from the prohibition era, where the sound of feet on floorboards was enough to get the sheriff’s sniffer onto thinking something was afoot.

Go on guys, get on down to the Speakeasy, yeehaw!


Whether you’re staying with Merchant House for business or pleasure, there are plenty of places in Truro for a quiet Collins or a tequila-tinged ‘Lost in Los Altos’ before returning to Merchant House for a most excellent night’s sleep…don’t worry, our full English will sort out any self-inflicted sore heads in the morning!