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Merchant House Mutt Suggestions: Make Firework Night Enjoyable for Fido

Here at Merchant House Truro, we’re passionate about our furry friends and their wellbeing, so we’re sharing some of our top tips with you for the 5th November celebrations.

Firework night can be a terrifying time of year for animals and as we approach November 5th there are many spontaneous bangs shattering the calm night sky, which can take Fido unawares.

So what can you do in the run up to firework night?

One of the best solutions can come from a consultation with your vet where you can discuss pheromone diffusers. These can work wonders for some hounds who get particularly anxious. The diffusers release calming chemicals into the room to keep Fido happy. Additionally, if your dog suffers from extreme anxiety, in some cases the vet may be able to offer your pooch a prescription.

Your vet may also recommend that Fido undergo some behavioural therapy in order to help him in the future, which you’ll be able to discuss.

As for what you can do at home… Have you ever wondered why your dog loves his bed so much? Most hounds see their beds as a safe haven and so before the crackles, bangs and fizzles of firework night get truly underway, some experts suggest creating a doggy safe haven for your pooch. Pick a quiet room or spot for your hound and be sure that you don’t offer any bad experiences or do anything he doesn’t like while he’s in there. The idea is for Fido to keep the upper hand and feel safe and in control when he’s in this area, so encourage positive connotations by leaving toys (which you can alternate to keep him entertained) and treats there for him.

Keep the door to the doggy safe haven open all of the time, even when you leave the house, so that Fido can get used to going there and having fun. As he begins to believe this is his safe area, you may find your pooch escapes there when the fireworks begin. Before the fireworks start, you can always black out the room to save him the distress of flashing lights outside.

Firework night has arrived! What do you need to do?

Try closing the windows to lessen the noise and remain calm. Before the fireworks take to the sky, move yourself and Fido to the doggy haven and make sure it’s stocked with toys. Ignore the firework noises and perhaps pick up a toy to see if you can tempt Fido to play with you.

It can be a good idea to take a book or something else to keep you entertained so that you don’t have to leave Fido alone during the noise.

We hope you have a fantastic firework night with your pets, but if you find your dog is suffering with loud noises, it could be a good idea to pay a trip to your vet to see what options are available for him.