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Merchant House Entrepreneur Focus: Claire Eason-Bassett, Mackerel Sky

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We caught up with Mackerel Sky’s Claire Eason-Bassett for her experiences ¬†creating a business, what inspires her and for some worthwhile industry tips!

Hi Claire, what made you start Mackerel Sky?

I kept having the same conversation with people at networking events recognising that there wasn’t an events agency in Cornwall.

Rather than seeing those people as competition, I invited them to be part of creating it and took hold of the opportunity!

What inspires you as a businessperson?

Achieving things! I love seeing others achieve and finding great solutions to tricky problems.

I am inspired by my team of colleagues, a secret list of celebrities (including Bear Grylls, HM The Queen and Amy Hollingsworth), passionate businesspeople and the natural world around me – even simple things like playing with the dog gives me a chance to find that solution or see another viewpoint.What is your biggest business success?

In January 2014, I took the decision to change brand and business model.

Shortly after, my right hand woman left the company for a great opportunity in a different sector.

I am really proud of the turnaround in the last 12 months to turn a profit, rebuild and expand the team, become more efficient, deepen our portfolio to more of the projects that we are excited by and continue to deliver for our clients.

Any tips for startup companies?

Don’t take your eye off the cashflow and don’t get caught up in being competitive. Focus on being the best you can be and over time, build a team of people who are brilliant in their fields.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask for help. It may well come from the most unexpected of sources!

Finally, would you be able to give us a trick of the trade to take away?

When you’re planning an event, don’t sweat the details but focus on understanding what your top three objectives/priorities are.

Focus on delivering these three elements and test every decision against them – does this choice help you to achieve them? If so, then go ahead, if not, don’t.

Oh, and don’t flap; if you are a flapper, get someone else to run it on the day!

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