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March Munchies: Mustard & Rye

Think of American food and what springs to mind is probably flimsy little burgers served by someone asking if ‘you want fries with that?’

Mustard and Rye are different, oh yes.

Their mission is to bring BIG American flavours to Truro – sirloin steaks, pulled pork, big ol’ burgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob and as much ‘slaw as you can shake a stick at! (Check out their gut-busting menu here.)

Slow to cook, quick to eat, Mustard and Rye love their meat! Their exclusive ‘BBQ pit’ uses hickory, apple and mosquito woodchips to slow cook meat to a superb level of deliciousness, and while it’s NY influenced they use local suppliers – so there’s Kernow in there too my beauties!

Salad and veggie options are available for herbivores, with NY classics including Mac n’ Cheese, Black Bean and Portobello mushroom burgers and their very own ‘Rabbit Dog’ (meat-free hot dog with guacamole and tomato relish).

If you don’t have a sweet tooth now, you will once you set your peepers on the desserts, personally we think that ‘Snickers Mess’ is the best thing anyone’s thought of, ever.

Drinks-wise, they’re all about The States; bottled sodas and ale with US-influenced cocktails and wines grace their daytime menu whilst a late night ‘speakeasy’ every Friday and Saturday night serves prohibition-era cocktails to bring out the Great Gatsby in you!

Mustard and Rye is just a five minute-walk from Merchant House, so for great US grub you don’t need to go across the pond, you can just nip down the road!