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Independent trading Truro – All aboard the Fair-Train

We love a bargain, oooh do we love a bargain.

Whether shopping for ourselves or for others, we can always find something in Truro that floats our boat (after all, don’t we always end up buying others something that we would want ourselves?)

The number of independent and ethical traders is growing in Truro, meaning that fair-trading is full speed ahead. So I guess it’s all aboard the Fair-Train with the Merchant House, choo choo!


In the first carriage we have Uneeka. Uneeka are all about the original and wonderful, but rather than odds and ends from a snake charmer’s pocket, they’re more about supporting those who create furniture and home items who may not get otherwise the chance.

Uneeka’s focus on fair trade as well as distinct and original pieces (described as ‘delightfully peculiar’ on their website), means that they’re one of the top retailers in our books.

Not just paying lip service to tug at the heart/purse strings, full details of their ethics are available on their website, and with products ranging from grand Indian Rosewood sideboards to handmade cotton animals across their two stores (City Road and Boscawen Street) we have no doubt you’ll find something!

Cornish Food Box Company

Stepping into the next carriage….Cornish Food Box. Nothing goes into a Cornish food box unless it’s “grown, reared, caught or produced in Cornwall”.  Those are the rules!

Having reached the top ten in the ‘Best Local Food Retailers’ category in the BBC’s Food & Farming awards 2012, sisters Tor Amran and Lucy Jones continue to put only the best food in their boxes, and make sure it all comes from Cornwall to ensure local producers get a fair price for their quality product. We love it all at the Merchant!

Whatever the giftee’s preferences, the Cornish Food Box Company have it covered: sweet jams, cakes, creams, teas, meats, treats, biscuits, pickles and pies…

Located at The Stores, 7 Walsingham Place, Truro. Go forth and indulge!

Lemon Street Market

This is the largest carriage, but far from economy class. Welcome to Lemon Street Market.

If you’ve only got time to go to one place during your stay at the Merchant House, then it has to be Lemon Street Market. Tucked away on Lemon Street (coincidence, no?), it has everything you need for the fussiest of customers.

To name a handful, there’s the Gallery Café; delicious everythings from Baker Tom; chutneys, curry sauces, dips and dressings from Halzephron Herb Farm; Greenhouse, the first shop in the UK specializing in products made from 100% recycled materials. There’s also Lemonheads barbers, should your barnet need a snip!


Archie Browns

Everyone’s favourite, the buffet car!

As well as being a health food shop and therapy space, Archie Browns also has a pretty top-notch café.

It is a vegetarian cafe, but worry not, carnivores, as you won’t even notice the absence of meat in these delightful dishes.  All are of course, hand made and ingredients are sourced locally wherever possible.

All food is also available to take away, so rather than fast food failing to fill you up, feast on Archie Brown’s classic Homity Pie or Mushroom burger with home-made chutney!

We do realise that most of these are food based, but we march on our stomachs at the Merchant House, and it just so happens Cornwall is a wonderful place for foodies!

Next stop…Merchant House! Fares please!

Until next time,