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Gimme City Lovin’: Valentines Day in Truro

Watch out! Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.

At the Merchant House we’ve figured there are two types of people; those who have everything planned by Christmas, and those who are ‘waiting for the right idea’ (otherwise known as ‘forgetting’ – we’re onto you!)

As we’re resourceful, kind, generous (not to mention modest), we’ve had a romantic recce of Truro to give you some ideas for a guaranteed Valentine’s victory.

Dinner’s always a winner

Falmouth Bay Seafood Cafe

Wining and dining? You romantic, you.

Truro has lots to offer, especially if the way to their heart is what’s on their plate, take a peek at the Falmouth Bay Seafood Cafe and their special Valentine’s Menu for a special occasion with fish and crustaceans!

Bustophers Bar and Bistro

Oui oui! Monsieur et Madame! Table pour deux?

Bustophers take Parisian casual dining and infuse ‘ooh la la’ with an ‘alright my lover!?’, making a mix of cultures and Cornish cuisine a pleasure to take in and taste.

Simple and classy dining with over 100 wines (and cocktail bar!) to choose from, you’ll no doubt find the tipple to tag along with you and your partner.

The Wig and Pen

If you’re after something a little more traditional for Valentine’s Day, then look no further than the Wig & Pen’s relaxed new basement diner Quills, offering locally sourced, seasonal food for you and your significant other.

If you prefer a pint instead of a pinot grigio, you’re in luck! The Wig & Pen is a St Austell Brewery owned pub, so there’s also an array of excellent ales available.


Show affection with a projection

Plaza Cinema Truro

Not big eaters?

That’s fine by us, candlelights and champagne aren’t for everyone. The Plaza Cinema have some fabulous flicks on.

So get the popcorn, pucker up, and perhaps most importantly decide who gets the armrest! (Gents, we strongly advise you let the fairer sex have this one!)

Caught up ‘Inn’ the moment

Merchant House

Well would you look at that, you’ve had your meal, enjoyed a few cocktails and after watching Cuban Fury  you and your subject of affection are dancing your way to the end of the evening. But where are you going to stay?

With The Merchant House of course! (We’ve given you all of these great ideas, it’s the least you could do!)

Whether you stumble, saunter or salsa in, we’ll make sure your night ends spectacularly, with a full English to look forward to on the Saturday morning!

By the way, if you book a Friday and Saturday night with us, you get Sunday night free!

One Night Only?

Fear not – we’re offering a double room with breakfast for just £60 for the night – so even if you can only stay for the Friday, it’ll be just as amazing and great value for money too!

Flying Solo?

Not everyone enjoys Valentine’s Day, and we respect that. We welcome takeout from all local fooderies, so if you’re with us for the night why not chill in our lounge or kick back in your hotel room with a pizza and some telly!  (Oh, and The Plaza are showing RoboCop too!)

Have a great evening everyone, and watch out for Cupid’s arrow!