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Murphy’s Day Out – Kynance Cove, Cornwall

This month, we took Murphy to one of our favourite places, Kynance Cove! Based on the gorgeous Lizard peninsular, Kynance has a reputation for being one of the most beautiful places in Cornwall.

We drove to Kynance in the car which took around 40 minutes; however, we had the radio on and the sun shining through the windows so Murph was rather content with the adventure. There’s a National Trust carpark you can park your car in before venturing across the coastline to where the Kynance café is.

One option is to walk across the longer, wheelchair friendly path, or there’s a steeper route which relies heavily on the tide as you have to walk across a bit of beach. Murphy and I were feeling adventurous and headed down the steep route, his little paws pattering in excitement. As you can see, we were cutting it a bit fine…

The views at Kynance are just stunning and in the summer you can take a dip in the ‘Mermaid Pool’ at mid-tide. You can sometimes see Dolphins in the area too, so it’s nice to sit on the grass and watch the waves while seeing an occasional fin pop up out of the water!

Murphy enjoyed our rush across the rocky beach edge as the tide licked his paws, before we headed up the little steps to reach the café. We ordered a pasty and a coffee to warm up and Murphy got his usual Bonio treat as we sat on a bench in one of the most beautiful places in Cornwall.





It’s a shame there wasn’t more of a beach for Murphy to play on as he loves the sand, but his little ears flapped delightedly in the breeze as he devoured his biscuit and sniffed in the sea air!

Following lunch, Murphy and I took some photos and began our walk back to the car. There were several dogs out enjoying their Cornish adventure as we walked and so Murphy, ever the socialite, got to meet some new friends.

We both returned to Merchant House for a delicious slice of Chef Dave’s homemade cake by the log burner, and a steaming cuppa!

If you’d like to see what the Kynance café has on when you visit, click here.