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Day out with Murphy: Cornish Seal Sanctuary

This month Murphy and I got to visit the Cornish Seal Sanctuary! We visited on a sunny weekend so it was a popular choice of day out but the nice thing was seeing lots of other canine companions. The Seal Sanctuary is an operational seal rescue centre set in 40 acres of stunning Cornish countryside in the pretty Cornish village of Gweek. There was so much to do – from the nature walk with magnificent views down to the river, to seeing the penguins, the otters, the seals and the magnificent sea lions (there are farm animals and ponies too but we gave these a miss because we simply couldn’t fit in everything we wanted to see and do!) We got to see the rock pool creatures and I held a crab (Murphy wasn’t allowed to unfortunately but he tried!)


This seal was relaxing…


seal sanctuary.

…Then he saw us watching and started posing!

The most incredible part is obviously seeing the seals and the fantastic work that the sanctuary do. We got to hear talks, witness feeding time and even see a few tricks! The sea lions impressively could turn in circles, lie down, raise their flippers and even speak when the keepers opened their hands! But the best trick was that they lay down and remained still whilst the keeper walked away until she called them, they are such intelligent creatures! Their tricks were really amazing and put Murph to shame!

sunbathing seal

This guy liked to sunbathe…


We got up close…

seal sanctuary

…VERY close!

We had so much fun and finished in style with a Cornish ice cream overlooking the pretty views on a picnic bench. Better still, the ice cream had Cornish clotted cream on top – now that’s a “proper” Cornish ice cream if ever we saw one, Murphy had one too, his favourite type of day out!

Find out more about the Cornish Seal Sanctuary here