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Day Out with Murphy – Heligan

This month Murphy and I got to visit The Lost Gardens of Heligan, it was


Heligan is a genuine secret garden, lost in the undergrowth for decades

although, after visiting, we’re not quite sure how this happened as it is such a big

garden, over 200 acres! The guidebook said it would take 4 days to explore the

entire thing.


Regretfully, we only had about 4 hours so we decided to get to work! We

discovered a lovely leisurely walk through the woods, we saw the famous Giant’s

Head, met bulls, horses and pigs and walked down through the Jungle and saw

the magnificent house and the ponds. We loved walking along the boardwalk

exploring the giant Rhubarb and Palm Trees but we weren’t brave enough to

cross the Rope Bridge (one of the longest Burmese Rope Bridges in Britain) well,

it wasn’t really suitable for Murphy otherwise I would have crossed it (maybe!)

We loved the incredible array of plants, the majestic trees, the stunning Flower

Garden and the beautiful Italian Garden. Everywhere we looked there was

something to marvel at and the level of care and attention that has been lavished

upon this garden is second to none!


IMG_7156 IMG_7107


Finally we enjoyed hot pasties in the Heligan Kitchen and enjoyed a much-earned

rest! We met lots of lovely doggy friends during our day out, it’s a really popular

place for canine companions and dogs are welcome free of charge. Dogs must be

kept on a lead at all times (Murphy was particularly excited to discover the pigs

so thank goodness he was on a lead) but there is so much for them to explore

and smell that it felt like a massive adventure to Murph!


IMG_7165 IMG_7109


We loved Heligan and can’t wait to come back, it’s not too far from Merchant

House either, only around 30 minutes, ideal for a fun filled day of exploring the

most popular garden in the UK! It’s certainly got the Murphy Mutt Paw of

Approval! (we loved meeting fellow sausage shaped canine Rolo!)




Ps look out for the Mud Maid, we couldn’t find her and we met a man desperately

seeking her, the pictures of her are phenomenal! We’ll be back to hunt her down!


IMG_7167 IMG_7111 IMG_7112