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City Road Vets: Travel Advice for Your Dog!

Here at Merchant House hotel we take good care of our mutt, Murphy! So we spoke to our friends at City Road Vets in Truro to ask them for some advice for when you’re travelling with your hound on a dog-friendly holiday!

City Road Vets’ Top Five Tips to Manage A Car Journey with Your Dog

Make your Dog Identifiable

When travelling with your hound, anything could happen so it’s important that you have a collar and tag on your dog with your details on, such as your phone number and address. Make sure your dog is micro chipped too in case something upsets him and causes him to run away when you stop to use the facilities.

Think ahead for Transport

City Road Vets recommend you transport your pet in a large crate to give them the feeling of security. If your dog has a bed or something similar that they like to use, you can always put that in the crate to offer them a feeling of home.

Ensure they’re well Ventilated

Whether you keep a window open, or have the air con on, it’s important to make sure your vehicle is well ventilated as it helps to keep them cool and eases travel sickness – and no one wants a sick pup!

Don’t Feed ahead of Traveling

It’s always best to travel on an empty stomach to ensure you don’t encounter any unwanted vomiting on your travels. Do make sure that you stop on a regular basis to let Fido go to the bathroom and have some water.

Take a First Aid Kit

You never know what may happen, so carrying a first aid kit for your hound is always a good idea. Additionally, City Road Vets recommend you keep your vets phone number to hand, just in case!