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City Road Vets Top Tips: 5 Ways to Make Your Dog Happy

Merchant House hotel resident mutt Murphy lives a pretty cushy life – if he’s not sitting under the treat jar waiting to unleash his best puppy dog eyes on someone with opposable thumbs, he’s out in the Cornish countryside bounding around or taking a nap by the toasty log burner.

This month we asked our friends at City Road Vets for some top tips on how to keep your hound happy, and these were their favourite suggestions:

1) Regular Walks

There’s nothing better than a pup whose lungs are full of fresh air running around burning off all that extra energy! City Road Vets suggest you take your hound to different places whenever you can, so head out to the beach one day and hit the woods the next!

2) A Healthy Diet – Preferably Proprietary

This is one of the most important things for Fido’s wellbeing and it’s essential to get the balance of his diet just right. Why not book in for a chat with your vet or vet nurse and see what they can recommend? They might even give you a sample of food too!

3) Six Monthly Health Checks

There’s no harm in going to the vet for a check up every six months to ensure that Fido’s fit and well. It’s also extremely important that your hound has regular vaccinations, worm and flea control so that he’s as happy and flea-free as he can be!

4) Regular Socialisation

We all like to go out and see our friends, and dogs are just the same! So take your hound to training classes, vary where you walk and take them for new experiences so they can socialise with different people and dogs.

5) Grooming

One of the things that can keep your dog happiest is to groom him regularly and maintain his nails! You need to be careful when clipping a dog’s nails but a vet or vet nurse can either do it for you or show you the best way to do it. It’s also a good idea to give them a bath occasionally to make sure their coat is shiny and clean.

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