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Chef Dave: the man behind the whisks


Meet Dave, the man behind the milk, eggs and flour who creates the Merchant House cakes that we praise so often!

In fact, they taste so good they (self) raise their own acclaim. Ba-dum-tssch!

We caught Dave between whisks to talk about how he came to be at Merchant House and how much he loves what he does:

Hi Dave, let’s get down to business: How long have you worked at Merchant House?

This is now my third year at Merchant House.

What’s your previous cheffing experience, and how did you come to work at Merchant House?

I came into the trade in 1975, have worked in huge kitchens serving breakfast to 250 people; I saw a unique opportunity to work within a family business, and here I am!

What’s your favourite part of creating Merchant House’s famous cakes? You are after all, the man behind them all!

I enjoy the creativity of it all, especially when making them alongside my other chef duties.

Perhaps more importantly, what’s your favourite cake to make?

The Merchant House ‘badges of honour’ as I like to call them are our Victoria sponge and lemon drizzle cake…I have also been known to whip up a few naughty shortbreads in the past!

Mmm, Victoria sponge and lemon drizzle, delicious! Why have you chosen these?

That’s simple: comfort food for a comfortable hotel.

Away from cakes for a moment – delicious as they are – which are your favourite Merchant House functions to cater for?

It doesn’t matter which function we have booked in, my philosophy is that every customer gets the same high standard.

Cue another of my sayings: If there’s a doubt, it doesn’t go out!

Lastly, and back to the wonderful topic of cake, have you any advice for those who wish to make a bake as good as yours?

Follow the recipe and bake it with love!

Dave’s creations are always on show and sampling opportunities are offered for guests checking in, so head to reception for a sweet treat from the cake man himself.

Not just a dab hand with the sugar pot, Dave also helps create our buffets and conference savoury options; and you know, the only way to taste it is to book with us for business, leisure or family trips. We’ll await your call!