This access statement does not contain personal opinions as to suitability for those with access needs, but aims to accurately describe the facilities and services that we offer all our guests/visitors.


Merchant House is located 10 minutes walking distance from the City of Truro via a fairly steep hill and offers one dog friendly accessibility room with an accessibility wet room. Please be aware there is only room for one wheelchair user in the bedroom.

Merchant House is over a hundred years old and has been recently refurbished. Whilst we aim to meet the needs of all our guests there are some period features of the hotel which might make access difficult for people with limited mobility.

We look forward to welcoming you .If you have any queries or require any assistance please phone us on 01872 272450 or email us on [email protected]. Our Reception desk is manned 24 hours 7 days week, however the latest check in is 11pm if you will be arriving later than this then please give us a call in advance to let us know.

Pre – Arrival

We are located at 49 Falmouth Road, Truro, TR1 2HL
For full details see the contact information

The nearest bus stop is outside our hotel and you will need to get the U1 bus from the Truro bus station to get you here. There is also a service on the other side of the road which takes you back into Truro. Please note the bus stop outside the hotel does not have a seated shelter.

Truro Train station is 20 minutes’ walk away or A2B Taxis are accessibility friendly and can be pre booked on 01872 272989 with A2B.

Newquay airport is 45 minutes’ drive away and A2B accessibility taxis can be pre booked to bring you here on 01872 272989

The main road we are situated on is well lit with wide pavements leading you downhill into the town centre where you will find your nearest shops and a wide range of restaurants.

Car parking and Arrival

There are two accessibility parking spaces at the front and one at the rear of the property next to the accessibility ramp designated for our Accessible room.

When you arrive it will be easier for you to park at the rear of the hotel as this is where your room is. Leave your luggage in the car whilst you come up the well-lit path to check in at the main building. The path has a slight incline and you may get wet if it’s raining as it isn’t covered. The width of the path at its smallest point is 36 inches wide.

There is one step over the threshold into the main building, we supply a ramp which is placed so that you can gain access in and out. The second door has no step and is 30 inches wide. Our Reception team will put the ramp out when you arrive or need to gain access.

The reception desk is at a high level, 1 metre, however filling in the registration document can be done in the lounge/bar area or on a clip board at reception if you prefer. The Reception has tiled flooring with carpet in the Lounge area.
Once checked in any assistance with luggage can be given.


Accessibility Bedroom

Our Accessibility bedroom is on the ground floor at the rear of the property with its own ramp, with handrails leading into the room, 52 inches wide. This ramp leads directly from the disabled bay to the entrance to the room, door entrance is 32 inches wide.

The room has a 5ft double bed and is made up with a microfibre duvets and microfibre pillows. The bed cannot be split into twin beds. Height of bed from floor to top of mattress is 23 inches high. The decorative pillows on all beds are feather which can be removed if required.

There is one chair with an accessibility desk, a wardrobe, 1 bedside tables and a chest of drawers containing the tea tray at an easily accessible height of 25 inches and an additional chair at the far side of the bedroom. There is a wall mounted 32inch flat screen TV with free view channels. Some of the furniture can be re-arranged or remove if required.

The bedroom is well-lit with a light by the accessible entrance, in the middle of the bedroom and also 2 bedside lights.
There are 3 other rooms on the ground floor next to the accessibility room however there are not accessibility rooms.


Accessibility Wet Room

The bedroom has an accessibility wet room with 2 showers available, the width of the door into the wet room is 32 inches. Height of shorter and movable shower head with hose is 42-55 inches, height of taller shower which is wall mounted is 73 inches high. The dials for the showers are wall mounted at 43 inches. There is a move-able shower seat for your use. The bathroom is well lit with main light and a light above the mirror by hand basin.

Numerous hand rails all around some vertical and some horizontal including by the shower seat and toilet.
There are 2 tall wall mounted mirrors, 2 shelves at the height of 37 inches, hand basin at height of 29 inches, and the toilet at height of 18.5 inches.

Bedrooms and bathrooms

Our bedrooms are over 4 floors and will be accessed via staircases as we do not have any lifts. Some of the staircases are narrow and steep.

Some of our bedrooms have single beds, some have 4ft 6 double beds and other have 6ft super king beds. All bedrooms have bedside tables, hanging spaces for clothes, work desks with chairs. All of the rooms have a main light in the bedroom and another in the bathroom, all of our bedrooms have either bedside lamps or wall reading lamps the majority of our bathrooms all have a light over the mirror for additional light. Some rooms have additional chairs in the bed room and additional drawers with tea and coffee making facilities.

Our beds are made up with microfibre duvets and microfibre pillows, the decorative pillows on all beds are feather which can be removed if required.

All rooms have 32 inch televisions, guest information folders packed with all information about Merchant House Hotel and surrounding towns and things to do in and around Cornwall, all of our rooms come equipped with hangers, tea and coffee facilities and hairdryers.

Some of our rooms have baths with hand held showers for washing your hair. The baths have non slip strips in the bath. Some rooms have cubicle showers which are small with non-slip strips in the shower.

Breakfast Room/ Lounge area

The breakfast room / lounge area are situated in the front of the hotel, therefore access is via the front doors. There is one step into the main building, we supply a ramp which is placed so that you can gain access in and out. Our Reception team will put the ramp out when you arrive or need to gain access. The entrance / reception area has a fully tiled floor with carpet then into the Breakfast room/ lounge area. The breakfast room and lounge area are all situated on the ground floor.

The continental buffet is set up on the bar for self-service, the bar is high at 42 inches but the waitress’s or Reception team are always available for assistance if required. Any hot breakfasts are ordered from your table and made fresh for you.

We also serve our self-service complimentary tea, coffee and afternoon treat upon arrival within this area, is self-service on the bar but Reception are available for assistance if required.

The breakfast room/ lounge area we have various tables, height of 29 inches and a mixture of chairs with and without arms, the seat is 18 inches high from floor, which are easily movable for easy access. We also have 2 sofas with a low coffee table and 2 Alco sofas which are both around 16 inches high from floor.

There is a TV in this area, subtitles are available upon request. The lounge area is well lit with 2 large chandeliers and wall mounted lights.
We always do our best to cater for any dietary requirements; please contact us in advance with any specific requests.

Customer Toilets

Customer toilets can be found at the far end of the lounge area on the ground floor, entrance via the Hotel main front entrance where a ramp is available to gain access over the 1 step.

There is a ladies toilet on the left and a unisex accessible toilet on the right.
The door into the accessible toilet is 27 inches wide with both vertical and horizontal hand rails around the toilet and sink basin. Height of toilet 18 inches, height of hand basin 29 inches.

Both toilets have one main automatic light and a light over the mirror in the ladies.

Public areas- Halls, stairs, Landings, Corridors

All hallways and stairwell areas are well lit and as you walk into the areas the light becomes brighter.

In the main building there is a large step over the threshold, where a ramp is available, and the main staircase has 22 steps, 45 inches wide, up to the first floor and a further 18 steps up to the top floor via a second narrow, 28 inches wide, fairly steep staircase.

At the rear of the building the ground floor rooms can be accessed via 3 narrow steps, 28 inches down however the accessibility room has no steps and has its own ramp with handrails.

At the rear of the building the first floor rooms can be accessed via 15 steps, 37 inches wide, and a further 19 steps, 38 inches wide, to the second floor via fairly narrow, steep staircases

Our entrance into the hotel is via one step and the flooring is tiling. All other areas are carpeted throughout the hotel.

There are no further steps in the main public areas but there are thresholds which need to be walked across with care as they are slightly raised as it is an old building. Wheelchair users can gain access over these thresholds.

The hotel and bedrooms are centrally heated and some rooms have additional heaters.

The hotel is fitted with a fully addressable fire alarm system.


Smoking area

We have 3 designated smoking areas outside of the hotel as it is against the law to smoke within the Hotel. 1 is just outside the main front doors with a wall mounted ashtray, the second is to the side of the hotel along the pathway under the passageway where a floor ashtray is available. And the 3rd is by the entrance at the side rear door where a floor ash tray is available.

Additional Information

There are evacuation plans on the back of each guest bedroom door, within your guest information folder you will find a red and white door sign to place on the outside door handle if you would require assistance in the case of an emergency.

We do not offer a porter service here at Merchant House, therefore if you require a room on a 1st or ground floor please contact Reception before making your reservation.

The fire assembly point is in the rear car park all on ground level. There is clear signage around the hotel for your nearest fire exits.

There is a guest information folder situated in every guest bedroom, these contain a lot of information including nearest doctors, hospitals dentists etc., places to visit and places to dine including the history of Merchant House and Truro City. Maps for Truro centre are available at Reception.

We have a luggage storage area at reception and washing/drying facilities, at a small charge, in the Reception area also.

Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel you can gain the password from Reception upon check in.

The nearest Shop mobility is at Go! Situated in Truro Moorfield car park, TR1 2SF

The nearest Hospital with an A&E Department is 1.9 miles away and the nearest doctor’s surgery is at Truro Health Park, just down the road 0.4 miles away. Truro Health Park will also deal or advise you on any dental emergencies both in and out of hours.

Contact Information

Full Address- Merchant House, 49 Falmouth Road, Truro, Cornwall, TR1 2HL
Telephone- 01872 272450           Fax number- 01872 223938
Email- [email protected]
Grid Reference- SW 82316 44059

Local: Hospital 01872 250000  Truro Health Park- 01872 221440       NHS Direct Helpline- 08454647
Local carers; Cornwall Care services, 2 Princes street, Truro- 01872 266383
Local accessible taxi: A2B Taxi Truro- Freephone 08001695473 or 01872 272989
Local public transport: /