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5 Ps for a perfect conference


We host a fair few conferences at Merchant House, so it’s fair to say that we know a thing or two about how to hold them – all there is to know, in fact!

Here’s our 5P guide to perfect conferences:

Prepare: This should go without saying, but it really does make the difference between a passable event and a perfect one! Prepare presentations, test equipment and make sure you know your agenda and running order in advance and nothing can go wrong!

Plan: A conference is only worthwhile if you have a firm idea of what you are trying to achieve. Are you training staff on a new industry innovation, motivating the team and deciding annual marketing activity or showcasing your service to potential buyers? Work out what you are trying to achieve and you’re more likely to get there. It all starts with a plan!

‘People’ people: Staff facilitating a conference must be good with people and be able to strike the balance between keeping things timely and on track but also encouraging everyone to be involved in group activities and discussion.

Pick-me-ups: It’s important to keep everyone on top form. At Merchant House we find the best way to achieve this is with fresh tea, coffee, biscuits, pastries and bowls of Jelly Beans to hand. Of course, we provide a proper lunch too but it’s often the little things such as the Jelly Beans that people comment on!

Promotion: For events where you want people to attend it’s important to promote the event. Where to promote it? Wherever your market will see it. Perhaps send a press release to the local newspaper or radio station, send it out in an email newsletter and even speak to your venue about assisting with promotional activity. At Merchant House we offer all conferences free event promotion on our blog and social media channels, which are prominent in a B2B market in Cornwall.


We love meetings and events, and our Little Guide to Conferences can sort you out in a jiffy for delegate packages, free wifi and proper, homely food. Give us a call on 01872 272450

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